Subway Surfers

Project: Subway Surfers (2021-2022)
Project role: Senior UI Artist
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator and Unity implementation.

Challenges and mission: When I joined the Subway Surfers UI/UX team didn’t have a proper UI/UX workflow in placed. It was very noticeable that UI/UX in the game was very inconsistent through out the game. So I decided to take on the challenge to start setting best practices of UI/UX workflows, mockups creation, documenting pipeline, roadmaps of improvements and guidelines for implementation. It was important to me that the UI/UX team can work in efficiently and all work can be accessible for everyone so we all were able to create more consistent UI/UX designs. I also took the opportunity to upgrade the UI styles to make the UI more tangible and clear to the player what part of the UI is interactive and not.

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